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DCCCD Board of Trustees Mission and Strategic Priorities


To equip students for successful living and responsible citizenship in a rapidly changing local, national and world community.

Overall Purpose: To ensure Dallas County is vibrant, growing and economically stable for future generations.

2015 Strategic Priorities — printer-friendly version (PDF - 205KB)


  Engagement and Impact Categories

DCCCD Board of Trustees
Strategic Priorities for FY 2015

Thematic Priorities:

1. Employee Success

2. Student Success

3. Community Engagement

4. Institutional Effectiveness

Individuals Communities Sectors Employers Organizations
Establish process for providing external information to guide programs (environmental scanning/stakeholder needs) with annual review and identification of priorities (1-4) X X X X X
Establish convening/strategic planning capacity for solutions to identified needs for stakeholders (1-4) X X X X X
Nimbleness as expectation for responsiveness to needs and opportunities (Note: Identify barriers to quick response for programs, degrees, services) (1-4) X X X X X
Focus marketing efforts on target markets including GED holders, special populations, others specific to location, and with particular emphasis on nonconsumers (1-3) X X X X X
Review approach to meeting needs, expanding response across all locations as warranted (Note: Remove impediments to sharing successful programs with other locations) (1-3) X X X X X
Emphasize student support services with pathways, advisors, life skills and workplace fundamentals emphasizing retention and completion (Note: Establish benchmarks for effective services) (1 & 2) X        
Address child care and transportation barriers (1-3) X     X    
Engage students and organizations in "ambassador role" representing DCCCD within their communities (2) X     X  
Identify, convene and support employer and employer/education partnerships to meet their needs (1-3)   X   X X
Support job opportunities through preparation of students, bridging access to jobs and business development in communities for local hiring (1-3) X X X X  
Continue to support a diverse and high-quality workforce in the district (1-4) X X X  
Promote sustainable practices impacting social, economic and environmental vitality (3) X X  
Support efficient and effective use of staff, fiscal and physical resources (1,3,4) X X  

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