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Career Pathway Program

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Career Pathway is a program that awards college credit for certain courses completed in high school. These courses can lead to a certificate or an Associate in Applied Sciences degree (A.A.S.) at one of the seven colleges of Dallas County Community College District.

The Articulation Agreement

The Career Pathway program provides courses in high school to students who are interested in technical careers. All courses used to award college credit to high school students through Career Pathway must be identified in a written articulation agreement.

A Career Pathway program articulation agreement is a signed document that indicates the specific responsibilities of the secondary school (high school), the postsecondary institution (the colleges of DCCCD) and the student. The agreement also includes an outline of the aligned high school and college courses, testing and/or portfolio requirements. Agreements vary by programs, Independent School District (ISD), and/or high schools. Please visit our LiveBinder and follow the tab “2011-2012 Articulation Agreements” to see all agreements by ISD.

Within articulated programs are articulated courses, high school courses that contain the same course content as an equivalent college course, and for which the colleges of DCCCD has agreed to award college credit if the students meet the requirements outlined in the course articulation agreement.  

The maximum amount of articulated college credit that may be offered to high school students is 15 semester credit hours. The college credit is contingent upon the student enrolling in the colleges of DCCCD within 12 months after high school graduation. 

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How Do Students Receive Articulated Credit?

  • Enroll in an approved Career Pathway high school course(s) and take a sequence of courses in the chosen program (two or more classes for three or more credits each).  
  • Earn a grade of B or better in the course(s).
  • Enroll in a college of DCCCD within 12 months of high school graduation and declare a major by filing a degree plan toward an Associate in Applied Sciences degree (A.A.S.) or certificate program.
  • Complete an Articulated Credit Request Form with a Career Pathway advisor at one of the colleges and submit an official high school transcript.
  • Complete any additional program or college testing requirements (for example, portfolio, practical or written exam, etc.). 

How Does the Career Pathway Program Work at the Dallas County Community Colleges?

There is a Career Pathway advisor on each campus who serves as the contact for all Career Pathway students. After admission to a college of DCCCD, the student must report to a Career Pathway advisor for assistance with the college registration process.

What Are the Benefits of Career Pathway?

  • Students may earn up to a semester’s worth of free college credits.
  • Students graduate from college in less time and eliminate the duplication of course work between high school and college.
  • Students graduate with skills required for successful employment in a variety of high-tech jobs.
  • Students have a head start on their associate degree program.

More Information

  • See a list of school districts served by the Career Pathway program.
  • Find out which Career Pathway programs are available from each college of DCCCD and get more information about these career options.
  • See links to additional information for educators.
  • Contact DCCCD Career Pathway or one of our college advisors.
  • LiveBinder: This online binder is continually updated with the most current information and links. It contains Articulation Agreements, Articulation Reference Guides, Forms, and Scholarship information.