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As technology and education continue to move further into the digital age, social media remains at the forefront.

At its most basic level, social media (or Web 2.0) is a shift in how people share, distribute and discover content over the Internet.
Social media transforms information by moving it from a broadcast monologue to a conversation and dialogue. The users are no longer limited to simply consuming the information, they also become the producers and publishers of the information.

This two-way conversation can have huge benefits both in the business and non-profit sectors and in the classroom.

Students are no longer limited to learning material through books and lectures. They’re now able to have conversations with their classmates and professors in new and exciting ways, usually in real time, 24 hours a day.

As conversations continue to move online, DCCCD is working to build and participate in these conversations and further the connection points between our students, faculty and administrators.

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