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Office 365/DCCCD Student Email

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​All students (and employees) of the colleges of DCCCD get free Microsoft Office 365.

Microsoft Office 365 comes with Outlook email (which we call DCCCD Student Email). Office 365 also includes a calendar, Office programs such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel, and OneDrive document storage.

You can download Office 365 now. Clicking on the link will lead you to a page with instructions.

But you don’t have to download Office 365 now. If you choose not to, you will automatically be assigned a free email account when registering for classes. Each student will have his or her own unique email address. 

 Frequently asked questions about Office 365 and DCCCD Student Email

Did you say it’s free to install Office 365?

There is no cost. DCCCD has bought a license from Microsoft to use its products. Because we pay for the license, you pay nothing.

Install Microsoft Office 365 Now

Video on how to use Office and Office Web Apps in Office 365  

How Do I Access my DCCCD Student Email?

Access your email from:

Get More Informationoffice 365 icons 

  • Office on your PC includes Access, Excel, Lync, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher and Word.
  • Office on your Mac includes Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word. 

You can install up to five copies of Microsoft Office 365 software on a home computer and up to five mobile Office copies. You will be able to use the programs for up to a year after you leave DCCCD. If you are no longer enrolled, we delete your account one year after you leave.

Get started using Office with these Office 2016 Quick Start Guides. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Microsoft Office 365?
What is DCCCD Student Email?
How do I create a DCCCD Student Email and Office 365 account?

What is my DCCCD Student Email and/or Office 365 user name and email address?
Does my Office 365 account expire?
I already have a copy of Office on my computer, do I need to install Office 365?

Can I view my DCCCD Student Email at locations outside of school?
What size is my DCCCD Student Email mailbox?
Which Web browser(s) work with DCCCD Student Email?
Can I forward my DCCCD Student Email to another email account?
How do I resend an email in my DCCCD Student Email?
I forgot my DCCCD Student Email address: what do I do?
How can I change my password?
How can I keep my email address private (i.e., not part of any searchable directory)?

What can I do if another student is sending me unsolicited and/or harassing email in my DCCCD email account?

What should I do if I think someone else knows how to log into my account?
Why do I get a "page not found" error when I try to activate my DCCCD Student Email account?

How do I deactivate an installation of Office 365?
How does DCCCD use my email address?
How do I close my DCCCD Student Email and Office 365 account?
Who do I contact if I have problems with my DCCCD Student Email account?

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Need help?

  • Call the Help Desk at 1-866-374-7169.
  • For questions about the use of Outlook email, Microsoft has published extensive documentation at
  • If you need help with Office 365, try the Office 365 Community.