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Tuition and Financial Aid


Low tuition is a high value proposition at the colleges of DCCCD

At the colleges of DCCCD, you get university-quality instruction for a quarter the cost. In many cases, our students are taking the same course, with the same learning objectives and the same quality of instruction as offered at area universities! How can we offer the same course and charge so much less?

“Community” is key to the answer about cost at the colleges of DCCCD. As community colleges, the colleges of DCCCD are college for the people, funded by the people. A portion of local property taxes collected annually by Dallas County supports the colleges. Those tax dollars, in addition to funding from the state of Texas and our tuition charges, make it possible for the colleges to provide high-quality course offerings at one of the lowest tuition rates in the state. Because state and private universities don’t have a local tax base for additional support, they must charge higher tuition rates.

As a Dallas County resident, the colleges of DCCCD are your community colleges. Take advantage of an affordable college education at one of the best community college systems in the country. Smart starts here.

What Will It Cost? — Get detailed information about our tuition and more.

Financial Aid — Learn about the types of financial aid, how to apply and how you’ll receive your aid.

Scholarships and Other Aid — Find information on hundreds of scholarships, plus assistance for veterans, emergency aid and other sources of help.

When and Where to Pay — We offer a variety of payment methods, payment plans and more.